Henrietta Knox, MA, LPC - Counseling & Psychotherapy

I offer Psychotherapy and Counseling for adults and teenagers 13 years and up. 

Psychotherapy and counseling can be helpful in a variety of issues. You can ask for my help if you have challenges in the the following areas:

  • Depression and Sadness
  • Anxiety, Panic and Worry
  • Trauma and PTSD (EMDR)
  • Stress 
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Identity or self esteem issues
  • Adjustment
  • OCD (compulsive behaviors/obsessive thoughts)

First appointment
Before our first appointment I will send you some information (via email or regular mail). It is helpful if you can read this information before the first appointment.

Counseling process and diagnoses 
Counseling is a very individual process without guaranteed outcomes. There are also risks involved. Sometimes it can take a while before there is clear progress and some symptoms might get worse before they get better.
During the intake (the first 1-2 sessions) I will gather information, and together we will formulate goals. These will be written in a treatment plan that will also state how we hope to achieve our goals. I will inform you of the alternatives of our chosen treatment. When appropriate or necessary I will give a diagnosis. 

I pull from a variety of theories and models to fit your needs. It is my first goal to create a safe therapeutic relationship, in which you feel respected and supported. I utilize an integrative approach working within a framework of cognitive behavioral therapy and solution focused therapy, but also use psycho-dynamic elements. With trauma  and PTSD I use a method called EMDR. I would be happy to explain my way of working to you in person.   

Limitations and emergencies
My counseling services are limited to the scheduled sessions. In the event you feel your mental health requires emergency attention or you have an emotional crisis, you should report to the emergency room of a local hospital and request mental health services. If I am absent due to sickness, vacation or other circumstances I will make appropriate arrangements with another counselor. 

Confidentiality & Exceptions to Confidentiality
Counseling is confidential, which means that what clients discuss with me is private and protected by Oregon State law. Except under the circumstances listed below, I will not share any information unless given written permission to do so. There are some circumstances in which a counselor must share information. These circumstances are defined by Oregon State law and include the following: 

  •  If I learn of a specific intent to harm yourself or another person, or to commit an act of violence, it is my responsibility as a counselor to protect you and others. I will inform a family member, an intended victim, or law enforcement as appropriate. 
  •  If I learn that harm or abuse has been done to a child (age 17 and younger), an elderly person, a disabled person, or a mentally ill person, I will make a mandatory report to the appropriate authorities. 
  • If I am subpoenaed or court ordered to testify in court or to submit records, I may have to give information without permission.   
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